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Injection molded with 30% fiberglass, this tool will last a lifetime.

No more sliced thumbs or fingers! Simply place the Prop Gripper around your prop to hold it in place for easy safe prop installation and removal.

Introducing the Prop Gripper – Safe Prop Installation and Removal Tool for RC Boats

After seriously cutting my fingers a couple times while trying to hold onto props with a shop rag to remove or tighten a prop nut, I had to come up with a safe prop removal solution. Introducing my patent pending Prop Gripper!

Simply slip the hand held tool over your prop, insert your 5/16 deep socket into the middle of the tool and remove or tighten your nut. 

The tool is made using the plastic injection molding process. It is made with 30% fiberglass which makes the tool  super strong yet it does not damage the leading edge of your props.  The handle was purposely designed so that  most 1/4” ratchets slip into the handle to make a very complete, convenient, prop installation tool package. 

The tool was engineered to slip over the vast majority of 67 through 73mm diameter 3 blade props. 

Allen Cordy
NAMBA 1257

Proudly Made in Chico, CA, U.S.A.

The Prop Gripper Safe Prop Tool with ratchet inserted in handle

Ratchet and prop not included.

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A Safety Tool Every RC Boat Racer Needs!