Safe Prop installation and removal tool for RC Boats called The Prop Gripper

Safe Prop Tool for RC Boats

The Prop Gripper is the first safe prop removal and installation tool for RC Boats on the market. In the world of remote-control boat racing, there is a saying regarding propellers, “if it doesn’t cut your finger, it is not sharp enough.” The sharper the leading edge of the propeller, the better the propeller “bites” the water and the more speed is gained, resulting in more successful race boat. Every year multiple serious injuries are caused by the sharp edge of the propeller when attaching or removing it from the boat.

There are two current methods of holding a propeller still while attaching or removing it from a RC boat. The first is to wrap a thick layer of cloth around the propeller and then grip it with your hand. Frequently the sharp blades cut right through the cloth resulting in injury to the hand or fingers. The second method consists of using a pair of pliers to grip and hold the propeller shaft itself. Depending on the design of the boat, this may not be possible as the shaft is frequently enclosed within the boat. When the shaft is available, it is possible to bend or damage the shaft with the pliers.

The need for a safe prop tool to assist in installing and removing props from an RC boat is paramount to avoiding injury. The Prop Gripper holds your prop in place while your hands are safely out of the way.

Lifetime Guarantee

The tool is made using the plastic injection molding process. It is made with 30% fiberglass which makes the tool  super strong yet it does not damage the leading edge of your props and will last a lifetime. If it every breaks we will replace it free of charge. The tool was engineered to slip over the vast majority of 67 through 73mm diameter 3 blade props and the handle was purposely designed so that  most 1/4” ratchets slip into the handle to make a very complete, convenient, prop installation tool package.  If for some reason the tool does not fit your prop, return it to us for a full refund.